A lot of people think web designers and web developers are the same thing, but there’s actually quite a difference between the two. You might not realize it, but hiring a designer who thinks he’s a developer can seriously compromise your website in the long run. So what exactly is the difference between them? In this article, we’ll look at the similarities and differences between web design and web development in order to clear up any confusion you might have about how they relate to each other.


Difference between Web Designer and Web Developer

Every web designer, no matter what their specialty is, is also a web developer. A web designer uses CSS and HTML (sometimes with PHP and JavaScript) to create an aesthetically pleasing website that’s easy to navigate. However, not all web designers are full-stack developers; these types of designers focus on design and often use templates or premade themes to set up their websites. A web developer, on the other hand, will build an entire website from scratch—they code everything from scratch—while a web designer works within existing frameworks. The skillset for both jobs overlaps considerably as many developers can do design work while designers can program in their sleep! But there are key differences between how each role functions within a company. You might be surprised to learn just how few lines of code it takes to make a beautiful website. One reason why so many people decide to start designing websites is because they assume they need coding knowledge to get started. In reality, you only need basic HTML and CSS skills before you’re ready to start building your own sites. Many beginners have a misconception about front-end development because it seems harder than back-end development when really it’s easier. For example, if you want to become a web designer, then you should know that there are two main areas of specialization: UX/UI Designers – These professionals focus on making sure users have a good experience using your site. They pay attention to things like layout and color schemes to make sure visitors feel comfortable navigating around. UI/UX designers are responsible for making sure your site looks great and is intuitive enough for anyone who visits it. Graphic Designers – Graphic designers specialize in creating visual elements like logos, illustrations, icons, and more. They also handle branding strategies by helping businesses come up with unique identities through custom fonts and colors.

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